it's been awhile...master bathroom progress

sooo....it's been awhile since i've posted here! my apologies...i have learned that when you're actually remodeling a house, working on 17 simultaneous projects at once & traveling for your job....well, blog updates have definitely taken a back seat to actually getting things done! the good news is that a lot has happened since the last time i posted.  we are nearly finished with our entire house remodel & couldn't be more thrilled.  i am looking forward to sharing the updates here for our family & friends to see.  and, we CAN'T WAIT to host our first house guests next weekend, too!! dianna, kevin, dakeeta & mike....we are counting down the days to your visit.  our house should be complete just in the nick of time! 

where to start?  well, when we saw our home for the first time we knew instantly that if we were going to purchase this house, the master bath would need a complete overhaul. the most glaring offense being that it was covered in carpet...yes, wall-to-wall carpet in the bathroom! and not just our master bathroom but each of the three guest baths as well. apparently carpeting your bathroom was quite the thing to do in the early '90's! having to overhaul the bath really seemed like a treat to me. i am a huge bath-taker & have always dreamed of a tranquil setting for my evening ritual.  here's what the master bath looked like when we took possession in december:

giant corner tub...taking up so much real estate

m snapping a self-portrait in the vanity area!

shower situation...bench making space much smaller than it actually is

vanity....wall-to-wall mirrors with matching lighting
 definitely not too terrible, right?! the layout actually works & the cabinetry was in great shape. we knew that we wanted to update the lighting/mirror situation, sinks & counter tops, tub, shower, flooring....okay...so almost everything!! what happened next was a lot of this:

shower is gone!
(small room to the left is private toilet area)

total destruction

bye-bye corner tub
shower tiling in action...

more tiling in progress....almost finished!

vanity area:  carrera marble counter top is in, new faucets & sinks, new lighting & hardware...waiting for mirrors
a peek inside the shower...m designed (and helped install!) all of the fixtures & gadgets.

mirrors are up....still a mess!

close up of floor tile...connecting to master bedroom floor (wood in its previously unstained state)

view of new tub & shower area
 as you can see, we've come a long way.  m & i are thrilled with how our bathroom turned out.  i have to pinch myself every time i walk into this room.  coming from our tiny 5x8 bathroom at our old house, this feels like a spa!  almost all of the finishing touches are complete so hopefully more pictures to share of the finished room soon.

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  1. The pictures don't do it justice. It's so gorgeous, Sarah! You and Manolito have such a talent!